Cleft babies, adults and their families may face unique challenges ranging from speech difficulties as well as social, emotional and behavioral problems such as difficulty in making friends, parental stress, body image concerns, feelings of  helplessness, financial strain and more due to differences in appearance and the stress of medical care.

We at the Institute of Exceptional Children (IEC), Mumbai believe that all families should have access to guidance and support for the best development of their child. We offer Individual Counselling for children, adolescents and adults with a cleft palate on a variety of concerns. We also provide counselling for parents, families of children with cleft palate and run support groups.

Our Offering

A session with a Psychologist/ Parent counsellor to enhance mental well being.


20 Minutes


INR 500/-

*Interested callers can schedule subsequent counselling session of one hour duration for 1000/- per session with prior appointment

Key areas that may be addressed

  • Preparing self for a cleft baby if cleft is discovered In-utero
  • Addressing feeding and care challenges
  • Coping with stigma and misconceptions
  • Self Perception and Self Esteem Challenges at the workplace
  • Challenges in relationships
  • Challenges in Marriage / with a partner
  • Challenges in Career
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Panic Attacks Stress Management
  • Support wellbeing of cleftie and family
  • Improve concentration, motivation and decision making
  • Improve individual and family health simultaneously
  • Start conversation about mental health
  • …. And much more

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