How does Boond® work?

The first in our portfolio, Boond®  is a ‘Paced’ feeding device, that maintains a balance between the quantity of feed and the pace at which the feed is dispensed.

It‘s various attachments ensure that the baby is fed in accordance to safe feeding practices. The feeder is intuitive to the caregiver and  sensitive to the babies’ unique anatomy.


Boond® was designed in consultation with medical authorities in the cleft field. ‘Boond®’ in Hindi means a drop, which is exactly how cleft babies are fed, a drop at a time.

Boond®  will support cleft babies from day one until their cleft repair surgeries are completed.

Boond® can help your cleft infant with

Newborn Feeding

Newborn feeding, especially colostrum feeding which is in smaller quantities.

Feeding with NAM

Feeding with the Naso – Alveolar Device (NAM device) installed at day 7 until month 4.

Post Surgery

Post surgery recovery period feeding.

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