It takes me immense pleasure to announce that we have now onboarded with Sangati Foundation. 

Sangati was initiated with the vision of transforming India into a disabled friendly nation. The founding trustees Alka and Sudhir believed that there needed to be a formal community/group that aims specifically at increasing accessibility, inclusivity, mobility and visibility for people with disabilities in India.

Sangati has the following specific goals 

Creating a collaborative platform for all NGOs working in this segment, for information dissemination, as a marketplace for devices and technologies and as a single-stop problem resolution space. 

  • Advocacy and sensitisation towards issues and needs of people with disabilities
  • Community building, bringing together different stakeholders on shared platform(s)
  • Gathering opinions, insights, solutions in matters related to accessibility
  • Dispensing useful information available to general public
  • Capacity building through trainings, design solutions and involved efforts like public campaigns, workshops and events
  • Making travel, participation in social activities, performing professional duties easy and accessible for people with disabilities
  • Initiating Survey, Audits, Identification of accessibility arrangements of public places and digital spaces

The link for the purchase of Boond via Sangati is: https://sangati.org/product/boond-a-cleft-lip-and-palate-additionalneeds-feeder/

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Nameeta Sohoni

Nameeta Sohoni

I am Nameeta, founder of Boond®- A cleft Lip and Palate Infant Feeder

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